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My Blue Red series of nudes was begun as an experiment. I wanted to spin the graphic quality of black and white into a world where form and color could reveal energies in new ways. The results were pretty cool.

Blue-Red Nude Gallery One

Abstract Blue Red Nude Gallery One

9 Images

This was my first Blue Red Nude experiment. Instead of Black and White, I thought I’d play with colors and chose blue and red. We hung some shears and cranked up the music, letting the colors reveal the models primal side.

Blue-Red Nude Gallery Two

Abstract Blue Red Nude Gallery Two

9 Images

I took the Blue Red Nude idea and began explore the architecture and space around the Collingwood Arts Center, the 140 year old former Convent where my studio is located. The alcoves and rooms were wonderful to light in such a simple, powerful way.

Blue-Red Nude Gallery Three

Abstract Blue Red Nude Gallery Three

15 Images

In this group of Blue Red Nudes I began to play more with shadows and the creation of a magical space that could reveal the models inner power. Some say that these images carry the power of tantric sacred sexuality. I’m not an expert in Tantra but I am in awe of energy that I experienced while creating this work.

Blue-Red Nude Gallery Four

Abstract Blue Red Nude Gallery Four

4 Images

In these images I brought some full color into play with the Blue and Red.


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