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Who are the models?
They come from all walks of life. Many tell me they never considered being photographed nude until they saw something in my photographs that revealed the power they knew inside themselves.  Others have some modeling experience and are looking to expand their portfolio with some tasteful nudes. There is also can be a strong spiritual element to the experience, as this model relates:

"The experience has been phenomenal!  Each session has been a new growth and expression of feminine strength and beauty.  Each one builds on the last, and we've explored new areas I hadn't even imagined when we began.  Chris is amazing to work with, he is so very encouraging and supportive.  He truly has an eye and a sense for the goddess energy, and provides a comfortable, supportive environment to allow for optimal expression.  I really like how he works intuitively…freely changing direction and settings to take advantage of what works in the moment.  We are able to connect with that energy flow and mutually create unique, beautiful work.  I really enjoy working with Chris, it has given me a chance to discover and express my feminine energy in new ways, and helped me grow spiritually."

I work with people both on a TFP and Private Commission basis.

If you are interested in working with me, send an email to  models@dreamsofthegoddess.com or call me at 734-497-8882.

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